Royal Commando (left), National Commando (right)

Silent assassin, creepin' around

Suprise attacks, never makin' the sound..

-Description of Commando in Launch Trailer

The Commando is the assassin class. His special skill is Stealth, which makes the player invisible to enemies at range. The two exclusive weapons available to this class are the Rifle and the Knife, augmented by the Pistol.

The Commando class can do the most damage per hit, and is the fastest of the infantry units (without using speed-up abilities) but in return is the weakest class in terms of hit points. With only 80 hit points the commando needs to stay hidden most of the time if he wants to survive in a battlefield filled with Gunners, Soldiers and other Commandos on the hunt.

The Commando class is not as team-oriented as the other two classes, therefore requiring commandos to support their team in selective elimination of key targets and rarely integrating themselves into a team dynamic. The commando's strength lies in quick and descisive engagements at extremely long or close range using their primary weapons. This is where the commando class is normally split into different specialized builds designed for "Sniping, "Knifing", or "Pistoling". Most often, a Commando will adopt a guerilla-style hit-and-run strategy, sneaking around and rushing in to take out isolated targets and then fleeing out of sight. See Tactics and Playstyle for information for the many playstyles commandos can adopt.

While one of the most popular classes, the Commando is also the most disliked due to his Stealth, which many believe to give an unfair advantage. Snipers, in particular, are especially hated because they are able to kill from a distance in which they cannot be harmed easily. Because of this, many servers enforce a limit on how many Commandos can be on the server at one time. To address this criticism, many new features at the expense of the Commando have been made, such as the inclusion of an alert sound whenever a Commando in Stealth comes close to the player and the development of abilities such as Mark Target and Blasting Strike.

However, others believe the Commando to be the most underpowered of the three classes due to his low health. Indeed, many a Commando will think twice about taking on a Gunner at full health. Commandos are unable to play on anarcho-syndicalistic servers as these servers have imposed a ban on them.

Commando Banner

Nat Mando with Honor Suit

National Commando holding the SVD sniper rifle

Abilities Edit

Ability Image Description
Elixir 2041.png Increases your run speed for a short time, gives you a weak shield, and leaves a trail of smoke which can be used to hide you from enemy sight. The higher the level of Elixir, the longer you will run faster and the stronger the shield will be.
Stealth 2136.png
Hides you from enemies. The higher the level, the closer the enemy has to be before you become visible to them. Abilities with visual effects (i.e. Poisoned Blade) will still show up if you are Stealthed, thus revealing your position to all enemies looking in your direction for a short time.
Mark Target 2116.png
Receive points for designating enemy targets for your team. This ability will display a large red arrow over enemies you mark and a red circle around them. The higher the level of your Mark Target, the longer enemies will stay marked.
Troop Trap 2106.png
Place an explosive that will go off when enemies approach too close or when shot. The troop trap can also be used to jump to higher ground. The higher the level of your Troop Trap, the more damage it will do to enemies.
Poisoned Blade 2006.png
Damage from the knife causes the victim to be poisoned, losing a certain ammount of health over a period of time. The higher the level of Poisoned Blade, the more damage the poison will do to the enemies you hit.
Piercing Shot 2096.png
Increase the damage done by your sniper rifle. Very useful against clusters of enemy infantry at a range and is very effective against planes.

However, Piercing Shot will not give any critical hits. The higher the level of Piercing Shot, the more the damage bonus will be.


Weapons Image Description
Knives 3001.png
Close quarters melee weapon for those silent moments. Attack from behind for maximum effectiveness.
Sniper Rifles 3013.png
Accurate long range weapons wich deal high damage to infantry and can be used with Piercing Shot. All Sniper Rifles can Headshot: Headshots deliver additional damage on top of the usual.
Pistols 3005.png
Perfectly suited for a lethal and accurate assault on a single hero depending from the range chosen. As they are strong themselves without any abilities, the Hero Points can be used for Troop Traps or Mark Target.
Sticky TNT 3155.png
Standard explosive, every hero of any class has this weapon. Deals high damage to enemy vehicles and sticks on them. Sticky TNT's drop quickly on ground and cannot travel far.

Tactics & Playstyle Edit

When it comes to being a Commando, there are many different playstyles that you can adopt.

Basic Tactics Edit

No matter what commando you are, a few basics will always apply to every type of commando. One of those is maximizing your potential damage.

Bquiet edit

Sniping - Aim for the head. A long range sniper with Piercing Shot can do well over 70 damage per shot as long as you hit your target in the head, especially super/uber rifles that do approximately 76 damage if aimed from a long range to the head with level 5 Piercing Shot (without critical hit).

Knifing - Sneak up from behind and hit the target in the back. A good 'backstab' will do nearly 65 damage and with a poisoned blade, you'll be able to do 110 total damage with one hit (if the target does not heal).

Using the Machete - The Machetes work very similarly to the Knife but are more difficult to master. Using the machete requires you to get even closer to your enemy than the Knife, so your main targets should be enemies who are preoccupied firing at other members of your team. If your enemy starts to run and moves out of the machete's range, use Elixir to catch up with your victim and finish what you've started. Remember, the machete works with Poison Blade, so use that to boost your damage.

Troop Traps - Troop Traps are essentially landmines meant to surprise the enemy. They will either poison a target or knock him backwards. These are easily seen by the enemy and can be shot from a distance, but oftentimes careless enemies will not notice them and pay the price. Additionally, it is difficult to tell whether a Trap was laid down by friend or foe, leaving the enemy indecisive as to whether or not to shoot them. Make sure to place these behind corners or walls where the enemy won't see them until it's too late. Figure out from which way the enemy comes regularly and plant your troop traps carefully. Also planting multiple Troop Traps in the same area can increase your chances of instantly killing a target. However, a Trap will explode on its own after a certain amount of time, which detonates nearby Traps and potentially ruins the formula.

Troop Trap jumping - Sometimes sniping points will be too out of reach for you to get there on foot or by vehicle. To remedy this, place a troop trap on the ground/building/other stationary structures, crouch as close as you can to the trap, aim and shoot. Doing so will launch you high into the air

Sticky TNT - When trying to destroy a tank, plant them on the treads, on the side, or on the back of the tank, to increase your damage.

Poisoned Blade vs. Elixir - You can not use both skills at the same time (one will disable the other).

Elixir - The duration of this ability does now increase, along with the shield value. Putting 1 point in Elixir can be useful to escape battles with.

Sniping Tactics Edit

It's hard to find a good sniper spot. There are only a few which are good to 'camp' at, but only if your teammates are there to help you. A few pointers to help you find great sniper spots:

Get to the higher ground - higher places give you a good overview of a certain area.

Make sure you have protection - a good spot should have a wall, building, tree or anything that can stop a bullet near it.

Surprise the enemy - don't go to the top 5 most used sniper spots. There are a thousand if you are creative. Hide where they do not expect it.

Attack from the back - Especially if you are in enemy territory, make sure your spot aims at the back of the enemy that is passing by. This gives you more time for your second and third shot, before you are discovered.

Teamwork - A great way of sniping is sniping together with teammates. Or remain in friendly territory where you are sure plenty of gunners and soldiers pass to protect you from any enemies coming too close.

Hard to reach - Spots that are hard to reach for enemies or can be shut off with troop traps are great because these reduce the chances of you getting attacked in the back.

Two spots close to each other - If you can swap easily between spots, you reduce the chance of being spotted. Make a kill in one spot then move to the next and keep swapping back and forth.

Keep moving - Once you know several good spots you can make a few kills and then move on to the next. This will optimize your kill/death ratio as you will be harder to find.

Be persistent - If your target has moved out of knifing range, don't despair. Rather than risking death by chasing after them, just whip out the rifle and finish off the weakened enemy.

Seize the opportunity - You don't always need to be in a secluded area to pick off potential targets. Enemies who climb ladders are easy targets, as well as those who are hiding in a corner healing themselves with Bandages. If you see a sitting duck, don't hesitate to pick them off at a moment's notice.

Knifing Tactics Edit

Knifing is an art. Done right it can be really easy, but knifing is very unforgiving if you make a mistake. Some pointers to increase your knife skills:

Stay away from the herd - Don't attack enemies in flocks. Carefully pick of a target and follow it until he's isolated in an area you will not get spotted once you come out of stealth.

Attack from the back - Increases your damage and grants you the element of surprise. Always take the one that is lagging behind the rest. Silent kill and head up the pack.

Circle your target - You want to stay out of your enemies aim and attack him from the back, so stick close and circle him as if your life depends on it (because it does!!)

Flee! - As long as you can hit your target, keep doing so. However, sometimes your target runs out of knifing range and with no pistol you'll be dead in a second. Know when it's smarter to run around a corner to go in stealth again. Use Elixir if possible and use 3rd person view to your advantage to stay away from your target until you're in stealth again!

Capture CommandosEdit

Capture Commandos are Commandos who Generally will focus on running around capturing flags to earn points, rather than taking down enemies. these Commandos will immensely disrupt the strategy of the opposing team and often shift their focus from your guns to their flags. This is an easy way to complete the "Conquest" set of Missions.


To be a good capture Commando:

  • Try not to chase after tempting kills unless you are completely alone, and are done capturing your flag.
  • Drop as many Troop Traps as possible around the flag you are attempting to capture, and try to make them relatively well concealed.
  • When placing these troop traps you can often use the interior of a sandbag wall, or the actual flag pole, conceal your traps.
  • Keep your knife out, as quite often an enemy will appear either 1/4th or 3/4ths of the way through your capture, and these will commonly be knife armed enemy commandos.
  • Continuously look around, as this will allow you to be aware of enemy troops trying to reclaim their flag
  • To boost your K/D or to have a bit of fun, try to make the flag neutral, so the enemies are notified of their loss, leave a TT or two, and run away to a sniping spot where you can snipe the enemies trying to reclaim their flag.
  • Try not to stand still near the flag; keep moving.
  • Continuously capture enemy flags to keep a steady flow of points and to annoy the other team even more.

Pistol and Knife CommandosEdit

Pistol and Knife (P&K) Commandos are Commandos who will opt to replace their sniper rifle with a pistol. Commandos who do this are usually expert knifers and deadly at close range combat. Pistol and knife Commandos will usually switch to their pistol should their target be out of knifing range. If you are serious about knifing, this is the way to go.


To excell as a P&K commando, remember the following tips:

  • Customize your controlls so you can quickly change between a knife or a pistol, find the customization most convenient for you.
  • Learn and understand the range of your weapon, a mid or close range pistol is helpful when knifing enemies, long range pistols can help against longer ranged enemies including sniping commandos, you also have more mobility when aiming with a pistol than a sniper rifle. The difference between life and death depends on your weapon.
  • You should follow the rules of knifing to be a great P&K commando, but your pistol should be used if an enemy escapes knifing range and you wish to pursue your target as opposed to fleeing (Although you can flee, your pistol should give you more options if your enemy escapes knifing range).
  • Stealth is essential in sneaking up on your opponent, investing in stealth will greatly increase the chances of successfully sneaking up on your enemy and killing them.
  • The skills that would greatly aid a P&K commando are stealth, poison blade, elixir, (and to some extent) troop traps.
  • When being a P&K commando, try to avoid large open fields if unstealthed because you will be easy prey for stealthed snipers. And if you are in an open field, conceal yourself with stealth and try to not be in the middle of the field (like the wide open fields of Seaside Skirmish) go to where you wouldn't expect to encounter enemies and vice versa.
  • If you want to switch to the knife and activate poison blade but don't have the time to press both keys, simply press the key that corresponds to the poison blade skill. Doing so will automatically switch your weapon to the knife and immediately empower it with poison.
  • Sniper rifles do less damage than pistols in mid range combat, move closer to an enemy sniper to gain the upper hand.
  • Should you find yourself knifing a gunner equiped with the short range mg, it is recommended that you poison him first, then use elixir to back away from him. Then switch to your pistol and finish him off, that way you can kill him without taking too much damage from the mg.
  • Don't worry if a gunner uses leg it, elixir is faster, although you might want to try and avoid his bullets.
  • If you want some fun, then toss troop traps at jeeps and when enemies get close, shoot the traps for an instant kill with ur pistol. It is hard at first, but relatively easy to do once you get the hang of it.
  • Try to make an enemy mad as a knifer. If he is foolish enough to chase you through the whole game, then let him do so. always try to make at least one enemy mad.This removes them from the fight and makes him an easy kill since he will always be looking out for you. ALso, he wont help his teamates much and usually goes alone to kill you.

Commando HunterEdit

Commando Hunters (or just simply 'Hunters') are a more support-oriented method of approaching the otherwise solo class. A Hunter's sole purpose is to support his/her team by intercepting enemy Commandos and disrupting their efforts as much as possible, usually to the exclusion of any other task. Commando Hunters are usually Sniper-based in terms of their weaponry, but a Pistol-and-Knife (PK) Commando can be equally devastating in the right hands.

Hunters, like all Commandos, rely heavily on Stealth to avoid interference from enemy combatants; especially the harder-hitting Soldiers and Gunners. But it's Mark Target that a Hunter uses most, as it disrupts the Stealth of enemy Commandos, adding damage to consecutive attacks and forcing them into the open, where they can be gunned down by fellow teammates.

Elixir is also useful to a Hunter if a Commando takedown goes awry, or if they need to catch up to another Commando who is also using Elixir. Depending on the Hunter's preferred method of combat, additional skills such as Piercing Shot or Poisoned Blade can supplement their arsenal further.

Though Troop Trap is usually left by the wayside unless taken in lieu of Poison Blade/Piercing Shot, it can also be taken instead of Elixir, by virtue of the added mobility afforded by Trap-Jumping.

  • Avoid drawing attention to yourself, even moreso than you normally would. Walk (or run) under the cover of Stealth instead of taking vehicles, for example. Tanks and Jeeps are tempting targets, even if there doesn't seem to be anybody in them...
  • Sniping Commandos should be your highest priority target, followed by PK Commandos, and then, if there are no other targets, sabotaging vehicles and picking off the rest of the enemy team.
  • A well-timed Mark Target can really ruin a Commando's day. Pick your opportunities carefully, and always be wary of an enemy doing the same to you!
  • Remember: Your abilities won't deactivate your Stealth, but enemies can still see the effects whether you're invisible or not!
    • On the flip side, Mark Target's effects don't draw attention to you at all!
  • If an enemy takedown goes badly, don't be afraid to pop Elixir and run to safety! You're no good to the team dead, after all.

Commando Guides Edit

Commando guides can be found here:

JeSTeR's (Commando Guide)

Notes Edit

(Guide) Weapons


  • Unlike the other two classes, the Commando combines both classes from other game and the resident Battlefield games: Team Fortress 2's Sniper (or BF's Scout), TF2's Spy, and Battlefield's Engineer (or, possibly the Demoman, depending on how one uses Troop Traps). This produces a strange mix of capabilities yet leaves the commando specialized, as ambushing, melee combat and marksmanship are often the mark of many a nation's special forces; hence the name, "Commando," though the Secret Policeman set of clothing that was once available only to the National Commando seems to imply that the Nationals use their commandos as the equivilant to the Gestapo or SS, as well.