Coastal Clash (CC) was the fourth map released and is an infantry map like Victory Village before it. The map was released in the June 2009 update along with permanent battlefunds items, redeemable codes and website improvements like hero profiles, player searches, groups and leaderboards.


CC Overview

Check out this tactical map to give a quick reference to the general area of a flag, where you were last, or where everyone should be next.

Planning our your next round? Organizing your clan stratagy? Take a look the Conquest guide to ensure the control of the 4 capture points:

  • Backyard
  • Windmill
  • Lookout
  • Cliffs

Most of the fighting happens to be on the lookout and the bridge to the windmill and backyard.

V2 VengeanceEdit

Battefield Heroes - CCN HotH

Battefield Heroes - CCN HotH

V2 Vengeance night

This Game Mode was introduced the 3rd August 2011 for Coastal Clash. As the mode has been announced earlier, the rocket location was discussed in the official forum. Lookout seemed to be favoured, but Windmill found pleasure as well. The surprising moment has been the two rockets on CC-Night. CC-Day features a single rocket at Lookout.

  • Day (1 Rocket): Same conditions as on Midnight Mayhem. Every team has 5 minutes at the start and need to capture the Windmill rocket. The walking ways are very long for HotH relations, so taking a Jeep might be good idea.
  • Night (2 Rockets): Double time for doubled rockets: 10:00 vs 10:00 minutes and every rockets drops your tickets by 1 per second as usual. Create a V2 Vengeance guide to collect more tactical information here.

Capture the FlagEdit

First tested on the PTE at the beginning of Juli 2010, the visuals were very similar to the Conquest game mode back these times.

One and a half years later in regular Version 1.76 Coastal Clash Day received game files for Capture the Flag game mode, but is is yet to be released.


  • The cliffs along the landward side of the map often hide watching snipers and an abundance of Jeeps often leads to pile-ups around the center points.

Notable spotsEdit

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Lookout Cliffs PointsEdit

These two points, one directly behind Lookout and one further over, are very popular for snipers. Many heroes don't realise that there is a perfectly good double-jump route up the cliff-face and instead use a jeep to try to drive through the dead-zone and beat the out-of-bounds timer to the edge of the cliff. The points are quite exposed, although it isn't generally a problem for those who are careful. This happens to be a great spot for players with the grenade launcher as they can shoot down onto lookout flag point and have little worry of being attacked from the flag. (although there still is the danger of someone attacking from behind so have your troop traps ready)


A common sniping point for snipers of both sides as long as it isn't under attack.

Windmill BalconyEdit

This is a sniper point that is equally used by gunners and soldiers. It is perhaps the best position to attack enemies at Lookout but has its share of flaws.

Windmill RoofEdit

The hardest spot probably to get up to is the Windmill. You must use the Troop Trap Jump and the Traps must be placed correctly. Not only that, but you most also get through the turning arms on the windmill. After all that trouble you'll find yourself in a very hard to see position for the enemy. You as a sniper though, got perfect shots to the head on any target around the Windmill. The bad thing though is if you are shot at and continued to be shot at, there isn't a very safe place to stay to heal. You'll have to jump off and find a better place to activate bandages.

Backyard FieldsEdit

This is a common sniping point by Royal snipers if the Nationals have control of Windmill.

National Cliff PointsEdit

The National spawn point, "Cliffs," is surrounded by several cliff sniper points that can only be reached by double-jumping and Elixir. They don't have a large amount of cover and don't have much in the way of targets, but they have a high surprise factor and one of them has an extremely long, if narrow, view of windmill.



Coastal Clash Update

The Coastal Clash release newsletter

  • Coastal Clash appears to be in Holland (although cliffs like those in Coastal Clash can't be found there).
  • The map was named by Noobilator[1][2]


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