A clan is a group of players who have joined in a community where they can communicate and do missions as a team. This is an advantage because clan members usually have good communications using VoIP (such as Ventrilo, Teamspeak, and Xfire). Clans will work together using a variety classes and abilities to produce the best efficiency on a certain map.

Clans can have organised matches or "scrims", usually hosted on a clan server.

List Of ClansEdit

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Clan Tag Clan Name Clan Website
-EC- EtownClowns
db Dubbrothers
-SB- Serious Business

RG Respected Gentlemen
[tN] Team Nads
[gg] Good Game
HCFH Harry's Clan, Featuring Harry
INf Infamous
[3th] 13th MEU
LiJ Liberation Is Justice