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On the first of December 2013 Christmas event began, this time without advent calendar nor video. However, special Christmas contests as well new content and even new gamemode was introduced. This time winter explorers join the battle with some special gear helping them to be alive, Theo and Seb.

1. We're not having a Calendar this year, but we will still be having daily events, sales and offers as normal.

2. No trailer either as our Video Guru has moved over to DICE

3. That might change later... for now though it's not spoiling anything

5. There won't be daily Christmas DotDs since the Christmas themed stuff will be released into the normal store throughout the month. There will however be a couple of items you can get your hands on via DotD too.

Team EliminatonEdit

Team Elimination is a new gamemode made official during the Christmas in the 5th of December Patch[1].

Main article: Team Elimination

War Room changesEdit

War Room Winter

Winter War Room

The War room had another appearance change. This time the water became ice and land color was changed to variations of blue and white. Both sides got darker versions of their original color.

New rewards were added. Instead of traditional medals, Christmas themed masks were added.

For more details on this topic, see War Room.



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Santa's Holiday Set Nikolaus' Wintry Set
christmas-2011-royal-hotdeal_en.jpg christmas-2011-national-hotdeal_en.jpg

Main article: Bundles/Snowboarders

Snow Surfer Slope Hunter
Royal-Snowboarder-hot-deals_en.jpg National-Snowboarder-hot-deals_en.jpg

Main article: Bundles/Mountaineer

Cliffhanger Alpiner
BFH---Calendar-day06_roy_en.jpg BFH---Calendar-day06_nat_en.jpg

Main article: Bundles/Russians

Micha Ivan
BFH---Calendar-hot-deals-russians_roy_en.jpg BFH---Calendar-hot-deals-russians_nat_en.jpg

Artic SetsEdit

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Seb's Survivalist Set Theo's Thermal Set
xmas2013_Roy_hotdeals_en.jpg xmas2013_Nat_hotdeals_en.jpg


  • The Update which released Team Elimination was supposed to take place on 4th of December, but due to issues with the build it was moved on the fifth.


  1. Team Eliminaton is here!