Like with all shooters, weapons are the fundamental aspect of Battlefield Heroes. They are used to reduce the enemies health to 0. Once this happens, the enemy must respawn, usually at the closest flag to the battle.

Weaponry is class-based with all classes being able to wield exclusive weapons while some classes share weapons with another class. Weapons are bought from the store and equipped from the Equip screen.

The weaponry in BF:H is different to many modern day shooters, fire-fights last longer and weapons like sniper rifles and knifes are not nearly as damaging as in other games. The same applies to all the other weaponry. This is to lengthen firefights and to take away one-hit kill aspects to help with game balance.

All weapons of the Battlefield Heroes are listed below, some may not be available in the store or restricted to Funds.


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Primary Weapons

You can equip only two primary weapons at a time, so choose wisely! Dual setups may suit better depending on your Ability loadout, but commonly you get one for short and one for long range. Beginners may rely on moderate range weapons. If you like weapons, you'll love weapons!

Machine Guns

Range Name Weapon Series
Icon Short The Cheeser / The Backscratcher StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Moderate Maxwell's Machinegun / Rudi's Ridiculous StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Moderate Homer's Homing Gun / Beck's Bloodhound Gun Scientist Weapons
Icon Long Bernie's Bone Chewer / Wolfgang's Wonderful StandardDapper & StylishSuper & Uber
Icon Long M249 / PKM BC2Golden
Icon Short Tier 1 Elite M249 / Specialist's Tier 1 PKM MoH
Icon Moderate Scoped Arctic M249 / Scoped Arctic PKM Winter
Icon Short Max's Magnified MG / Dylan's Destructive Duplex Alternate Fire
Icon Short
Icon Long
Brass-Bender's Battle Arm / Destroyer Drones Demolisher Scientist Weapons
Icon Long Royal Repeater / National No-End Crossbow Knight
Icon Short Colin's Cooler / Bruno's Blizzard Hot and Cold Weapons
Icon Short The SwarmerThe Rapid Punk Weapons
Icon Moderate Omega Beamer / Eraser Ray Space
Icon Moderate The Anchor Drop / The Landmaker Veteran
Icon Long Underworld Relic / Cryptic Hex Halloween
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Range Name Weapon Series
Icon Short Stewart's Shotty / Friedrich's Fly Swatter StandardDapper & StylishSuper & Uber
Icon Short Demonic Charge / Impure Energy Halloween
Icon Moderate Steve's Sonic Boom  / Sergei's Subwoofer Scientist Weapons
Icon Moderate Hubble's Double Trouble / Steiner's Shotgun StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Long Slugger / Uwe's Overpowered StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Long 590 Assault Shotgun / 870 MCS Shotgun Punk
Icon Long McGee's Matador / Bill's Buckshot Western
Icon Long Steven's Sporting Shotgun / Franz's Fielding Firearm Sport
Icon Long Brute Puncher / Titan's Thunder Punk
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Sub-Machine Guns

Range Name Weapon Series
Icon Short Tommy's Typewriter / Rudolf's Rescue StandardDapper & StylishSuper & Uber
Icon Short Nailer  / Leadstorm Punk Weapons
Icon Short M16 / AK-74 BC2Golden
Icon Short Flannagan's Flame / Tobias' Toaster Hot and Cold Weapons
Icon Moderate Charlie's Chopper / The Kommandant StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Moderate North Infantry's Repeater / South Trooper's Repeater Western Weapons
Icon Long Greg's Greasy Gun / The Wacky Machine Gun StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Long Tier 1 Elite M16 / Specialist's Tier 1 AK-74 MoH
Icon Moderate Scoped SOF M16 / Scoped SOF AK-74 Winter
Icon Moderate M16-203 Battle Rifle / AK74-30 Battle Rifle Alternate Fire
Icon Moderate Space-night Special / Plasma Forty-Five Space
Icon Moderate Carlsson's Crossbow / Albert's Arbalest Knight
Icon Moderate Brass-Bender's Chopper / Destroyer Drone's Kommandant Scientist
Icon Moderate Side Feeder / Lucky Sprayer Veteran
Icon Moderate Royal Warfighter / National Warfighter MoH
Icon Long Surreal Super Rifle / Unrealistic Uber Rifle Robotic
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Range Name Weapon Series
Icon Short Garreth Custom / Florenz' Flurry StandardDapper & StylishSuper & Uber
Icon Moderate Carl's Cold Comfort / Ludwig's Loaded StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Long Harry's Hand Cannon / Gerhart's Greatest StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Short Micro SMG / TEC-9 Punk
Icon Long
Icon Short
Barrie's Barrel-o-Mania / Coen's Combined Crusher Alternate Fire
Icon Moderate Hermoso's Hexshot / Navaja's Number 6 Western
Icon Short Sam's Silenced Sidearm / Jimmy's Suppressed G73 Agent
Icon Moderate Jack's Cloudmaker / Hector's Hatred Pirate
Icon Long Carlson's Competitive Capper / Werner's Winning Weapon Sport

Sniper Rifles

Speed Name Weapon Series
Icon Fast Roderick Rifle / The Groundbreaker StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Moderate Oscar's Farshot / The Gourmet StandardSuper & Uber
Icon Slow Pipsqueak's Popper / Stefan's Sharpshooter StandardDapper & StylishSuper & Uber
Icon Slow M95 / SVD BC2Golden
Icon Fast Tier 1 Elite M-21 / Specialist's Tier 1 SV-98 MoH
Icon Fast Winter Camo M-21 / Winter Camo SV-98 Winter
Icon Slow
Vehicle Icon
Mk1 Bad Boy / Panzerhunter 39 Mayhem
Icon Slow Albert's Accelerator / Moritz's Magnetic Hurler Scientist
Icon Slow Arcus Root / Bending Bone
Icon Slow Blanco's Bullseye / Alberto's Asesino Western
Icon Slow Hyper Drive Rifle  / Elektro Slinger Scientist Weapons
Icon Fast Whisperer VK-22 / Agent's Infiltrator Agent
Icon Slow Steven's Sporty Sniper / Victor's Victorious Viewpoint Sport


Range Name Weapon Series
Icon Close Royal Knife / Konrad's Knife StandardDapper & StylishSuper & Uber
Icon Close Madman's Machete / Maimer's Machete MachetesGolden
Icon Close Sensei's Striking Edge / Satoru's Cold Steel Rising Sun
Icon Close Stellar Strike / Orbital Punch Space
Icon Close Ice / Lion's Tooth Knight
Icon Close Knuckleduster Dagger / Dirk's Digger Veteran


Sticky TNT

Focus Name Weapon Series
Vehicle Icon Sticky TNT / Sticky TNT Standard Weapons

Rocket Launchers

Focus Name Weapon Series
Vehicle Icon Tank Buster / Faust's Panzerfist StandardDapper & StylishSuper & Uber
Infantry Icon Dragon's Fire / Drake's Fire

Crimson & Azure• FestiveDapper & Stylish

Vehicle Icon Sam's SAM / Albert's Anti-Air Arrow Mayhem
Vehicle Icon Lil' Boomer / Micro Blaster Agent


Focus Name Weapon Series
Infantry Icon Bill's Bomb / Steel Hand Grenade Standard Weapons
Infantry Icon Benny's Beehive  / Schroedinger's Nightmare Standard Weapons

Grenade Launchers

Focus Name Weapon Series
Infantry Icon M32 MGL / MGL 140 Punk Weapons
Infantry Icon Tom's Tear Trigger / Ray's Rainmaker Rocket Launcher
Infantry IconVehicle Icon The Claus Launcher  / Frosty The Snowgun Rocket Launcher
- The Cloak Thrower / The Shrouding

Welding Tools

Focus Name Weapon Series
Vehicle Icon Bernhardt's Blowlamp / Faust's Panzercutter Mayhem
Infantry Icon Dr.Ned's Needle  / Dr.Siegfried's Syringe Gadgets and Devices

Weapon Sets

Black Market

Weapon History

All started with the Standard Weapons based on World War 2 weaponry, but there haven't been any range variety for Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Sub-Machine Guns, Shotguns and Machine Guns. Later on came the short and long range versions for these ones, which used same meshes but different stats and sounds.

The second extension started with the introduction of the Dapper Weapons in the Heroes Of The Fall update. It seemed that they weren't that popular, so these First Tier reskins weren't available at all ranges.

To increase the sale on this kind of items the Second Tier Weapons should give a minor, but real advantage in-game (such as larger magazines or greater critical hit chances) not just the look. As you know they are called Super and Uber Weapons and were introduced during the freeloader whipe called Winter Armistice along with the VP price increases. The level requirement was removed in autumn 2011.

The Bad Company 2 Weapons were released several months later and were essentially Tier Two skinned weapons or "Stylish Ubers" as one school of thought would put it. The only minor difference is that the BC2 weapons were completely new models rather than simple reskins. In this cross-promotion they were limited to a sniper rifle, a sub-machine gun and a machine gun.

Another couple of sets were released around mid-May 2010 which are collectively known as the Black Market Weapons. This third lot of Tier One weapons came out for Royals under the name "Pilfered Standard" Royal Weapons and "Pilfered Stylish" Royal Weapons, and are essentially the basic weapons and Dapper weapons of the opposing National Army.

At some point after the V2 Vengeance / Midnight Mayhem update, some of the Royal Army's basic weapons came up for sale in National stores. These Royal basic weapons were soon followed by the Royals other First Tier weapons series, the Dapper Weapons, and vice versa with the National Army's Tier One weapons available to the Royal Army.

Collectively these weapons sets, Royal and National, were known as the Pilfered and Stolen Weapons.

At the start of June in 2010, Football Fiesta was announced bringing with it the Golden Weapons which were essentially gold reskined Bad Company 2 Weapons. These Tier Two weapons were only available to players who took part and didn't appear in stores.

The late games of the Football Fiesta also brought Pilfered/Stolen Super and BC2 Weapons.

To repeat the success of the BC 2 cross-promotion (which gave the highest incomes since very long time), they tried the same procedure with the new released Medal Of Honor. New Clothing with a "Tier 1" prefix (Set 1, Set 2) went along "Tier 1" weapons with the opposing range of the Bad Company 2 Weapons.

With the new scoped Winter Weapons introduced early Christmas 2010 the players got the possibility to enjoy Heroes in some kind of first person perspective. The well known primary weapons of each class recieved a moderate modern reskinned Tier Two version. The scopes give no real ingame advantage because during zoom the spread is nerfed to a higher value.

Late Spring 2011 3 complete new weapon sets were brought to the battlefield. The Punk Weapons include Grenade Launchers, modern Shotguns and modern Pistols. The two last named weren't just simple reskins this time, but have complete new stats and behaviour. Also new is that these aren't availible for VP to raise the Battlefunds attractiveness, although they have different stats.

Balance alert: May 2011 again two BF [Now Funds] only Pirate Pistols were thrown on the battlefield. Not only that they're doing more damage on long range in opposite to their describution, but being availible to Gunners as well. Additionally they weren't tested on the PTE, so it is probable that they will be balanced in the future.

Halloween 2011 another weapon celebrated it's release: Machetes which are slow Knives with splash damage were buffed very soon after those who spent Battlefunds [Now Funds] on this weapon and cried for compensation.

Short time later as kind of gap filler between Halloween and Christmas the return of Ninjas and Samurais was coupled with the Rising Sun Weapons setting the spotlight on new RPGs beside new Katanas.

As mentioned before, Christmas 2011 brought up completly new weapon behaviours, reminding X-mas history 2009 which hopefully won't repeat this year. Alternate Fire Weapons are suprisingly pretty balanced, although they fall out completely from the classic weapon type assignment. We'll see how this develops...

2012 started with tank harassment: Mayhem Weapons mainly focus at destroying vehicles and burns out the campers out of their seat. The rifle shoots through thickest steel, the wielding tool does the same on close range while the missiles track down enemy planes.

The successful Mayhem Weapons were then followed by the new Sniper rifles, known as the Scientists Weapons. However, these rifles were reskins of the Slow sniper rifles. For first time in Battlefield Heroes history, blue fire effect were introduced to the game.

After the Mayhem Weapons, a new class of weapons was introduced as the Robotic Weapons. The Machineguns, had a slow firing rate but had the special ability to hold 2 fire modes. The main firing mode, is the slow firing rate but exceptional accuracy to it. The 2nd special mode is the Quick-Fire mode and can be used by right clicking and holding the mouse down. The 2nd mode fires insanely fast, but chews up ammo quickly. The Submachineguns namely Destroyer Drone's Kommandant and Brass Bender's Chopper, are similar to the moderate range submachineguns, but have a higher rate of fire. It also has a special abilty to fire a push beam that deals at least 1-30 damage depending on the range. 

Robotic Weapons werent that much sucess, but new line of weaponry was incoming. Space weapons were introduced, including Eraser Ray and Omega Beamer, new machine gun tools for Gunners (It has got unique ablilities of mid-range specializing and extreme fire rate, and an fire rate wich can fend off enemies quickly, the only minus of this weapon was the fact that the ammo have gone extremely fast), Plasma 45 and Space-Night Special, new Soldier space weaponry (High Fire-rate SMG's with specialization of Mid-Range, and Alternate fire wich despite the description, works best at Close Range) and finnaly Commando's Orbital Punch and Stellar Strike (space fists wich works the same way as uber knive). The accuracy of Laser MG combined with Frenzy Fire of level 5 caused Forums to be overwhelmed by hate, as well it's style of laser weapons became hated.

When Space mission ended, cowboy weapons were intoduced. Reskins of Mid-Range Pistol, Long Range Shotgun and Slow Sniper Rifle were all Wild-West themed, and packed with cowboyish feel and models. And what's not to like: They even sound like cowboy weapons.

Cowboys crawled back into Wild West and another reskins arrived, this time Sport Heroes!


The weapon guide by M1k3ol was very helpfull to keep overview. The stats are directly from the files and 100% up-to-date including client version 1.45. With the exception that some weapons rate of fire are tweaked such as the short range mg, gamefiles display 900 rpm but in real game it is only capable of 600 rpm. In some cases you do right by multiply by 2/3.

(M1k3ol's note: RPM is a game's engine constant, not exactly a "In Real Life" representation, in other words, it's a game's RPM which won't represent a stopwatch test).

So, weapon's RPMs are correct for the game standards and shoud be taken just as the weapon shooting speed, not an exact number of rounds shot.

The Information on the weapons Range and Rate of Fire is available on "", where it can be found by hovering the mouse pointer over the weapons icons with the green exclamation marks. These can be found on for example the hero profile pages.

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