Vehicles are an integral part of most Battlefield games and are key in supporting infantry, transporting heroes and providing a health and speed buff unmatched by abilities and widgets.

Vehicles should be used strategically as the precious time wasted waiting for a vehicle to re-spawn can be the difference between a push with enough support and a hopeless waste of spawns. On the contrary, not joining the fight with a transport and support can be deterimental to the performance of the team.

While rendering the occupants vulnerable to certain methods of destruction, all vehicles provide the hero with a strategic advantage over the enemy, with perhaps the exception of the AA Guns.

The Royal vehicles and their National counterparts differs.  Only the boat is unique, due to the fact Nationals use the royal boat in Inland Invasion night.

There are 4 unique vehicles with a unique role in the game + boat and heli have been added:

Vehicle Category Advantages and Disadvantages
Royal Plane
  • Troop Movements
  • Aggressive Dives

(+) High speed. Vertical target is difficult to hit.

(+) Able to drop off targets

(+) High damage output

(--) More difficult to control

(--) Vulnerable to AA Guns and Snipers

National Tank 02
  • Suppressive Fire
  • Area Denial

(+) High Health. Can withstand a lot of damage.

(+) High damage output, tanks are devastating.

(--) Slow and sluggish when not at speed.

(--) Vulnerable to explosives

  • Troop Movements
  • Speed

(+) High speed. Very good handling and movement.

(+) Good at transporting from point to point along the ground.

(--) Very low health

(--) No weaponry. (Can get roadkills)

Anti-Air Gun 2
  • Air Control

(+) Very High damage against planes

(+) Easy to aim

(--) Vulnerable to snipers

(--) No usefulness against anything other than planes.

Coordinated use of these vehicles, in combination with a strong infantry is imperative to completely counter the enemy.

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