The store is where all weaponary, clothing and widgets are bought. The player may cycle though a range of arsenal and attire with a preview provided of the selected items. When items have been purchased they must then be equipped through the My Stuff interface in order to be used in-game.


To pay for items, players make use of two virtual in-game currencies, known as Valor Points and Play4Free Funds. Valor Points may be earned through completing a range of ingame actions, whilst Funds are purchased through micro-transactions using real money.

The defining difference between the two currencies is the real-world monetary value of Funds as opposed to Valor Points.

Client Store

The Store is a tab accessible from the main menu. Once selected the store pane is opened and then four more tabs are available:

The default tab is appearance in which the player can scroll though various clothing items, separated into 12 different equipment slots. From the weapons tab, the player can access and view all weapons available for his hero to purchase, sorted into different weapon types. Players can also purchase widgets and emotes from their respective tabs. Items that are purchasable appear in blue while unavailable items appear in red or not within the store at all. The available Appearance items, Weapons and Emotes depend on the faction and class of the currently selected hero. Certain items also require the hero to reach a certain minimum level before they can be purchased.

At the bottom of the screen is a bar which lists relevant statistics such as remaining Valor Points and Funds, as well as a link to get Funds. The bar is visible on all menu screens, and include information regarding the selected hero's level, experience and available Hero Points.

Ingame Store

This features is not available right now. While in-game, you could press O to open up the Ingame Store. If the purchased item wasn't equipped it has been added to the first available slot of the actionbar. Not all widgets were available through the in-game store.


Below are links to various store deals as well as methods for acquiring Play4Free Funds and items. Purchases out of the Hot Deals needed to be verified with a password input, but since unkown webiste update this is no longer required.

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