Items are an integral part of Battlefield Heroes. They cover a variety of gameplay aspects and come in a variety of categories. The six kinds of items are fierce Weapons, cosmetic Clothing, essential Abilities, funny Emotes, supporting Widgets and rewarding Missions. The player may equip up to 10 items in the equipment loadout. The chosen items are found at the bottom of the screen during gamplay. Although they seem to be very different, they have the ID number in common. Such IDs have meta data like amount, expiring time and unlock level. They are equippable game aspects that can enhance the players appearance, assist the player in battle and change the players arsenal.


Gunner with Golden PKM

A gunner with Golden PKM

Weapons are bought from the store and equipped from the Equip screen. Like with all shooters, weapons are the fundamental aspect of Battlefield Heroes. They are used to reduce the enemies health to 0.

Weaponry is class-based with all classes being able to wield exclusive weapons, while some classes share weapons with another class, such as Pistols for both Commandos and Soldiers.

The player is limited to 2 weapon slots with one explosive weapon and the remaining slots are shared between abilities and widgets.

Weapon ModificationsEdit

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The player can buy Items to enhance the hero's appearance. Buy some Clothes for a fierce look and get the right Emote to taunt your foes! These items need to be configured seperately from Abilities, Weapons and Widgets. The cosmetic items and emotes can be equipped from the main menu under the "Appearance" and "Emotes" tabs respectively.

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Clothing are cosmetic items equippable by all heroes. (The default appearance being a grey WWII uniform for the Nationals and brown WWI uniform for the Royals).

Clothing gives the player no tactical advantage, but merely expands on the light-hearted flair and overall enjoyment of the game, as well as giving the player a more customizable experience. However, some clothing items actually serve a function, as they have to be equipped in order for specific widgets to work (For example, you need Thor's Turbojet to use the Sarge's Experimental Turbojet Fuel widget). Clothing sets are generally themed towards the two Factions. Villainous themes for Nationals, Heroic themes for Royals.


Abilities are a unique kind of item, as they are not purchasable, but achieved by leveling up. Every even level (2, 4, 6, etc.) you gain will grant you one Hero Point, which can be used to unlock abilities. Soldier and Gunner come with 5 different abilities, Commando comes with 6. All abilities can seperately be upgraded for one extra Hero Point, till tier 5. This will improve the duration, enhance the effect, and shorten the cooldown. As the maximum level is 30, you can only have a total of 15 "free" Hero Points. When you create a new hero, one Hero Point will automatically be assigned to the classes' main ability (Gunner - Hero Shield, Soldier - Combat Medicine, Commando - Stealth). This is a permanent, "locked" point, so you can never use it to unlock or upgrade another ability. Including this point, you can spend a total of 16 HP on abilities.

The ability setup is very important, as you have to regulate them to your play style. For example, if you prefer close combat as a commando, be sure to upgrade Stealth, so you can sneak up to players with your Knife or Short-Range Pistol. If you prefer sniping from a long distance, upgrade your Piercing Shot, so you can deal additional damage with your Sniper Rifle.


Emotes are used to help your friends or taunt your enemies. They can be bought in the store with Play4Free Funds, and a few can be rented with Valor Points for a limited duration.


Widgets are in game equipped actions that assist the player. They range from restorative widgets to fun widgets. They operate on a prepaid system where widgets are purchased in blocks, then used in game. Each use takes from the remaining number of widget uses (with the exception of time based ones, like XP Boost widgets). Like abilities, many widgets have cooldowns. They can turn the table in a fight, so grab some with you to the battlefield, if you can.

In the Tutorial, during Pre-Games, or on Unranked Servers, your equipped widgets have unlimited uses (except time-based ones).


Missions are objectives that are achievable in-game. If you complete a mission, you will be granted some Valor Points (Varying from 10 to 100), and most of the times unlock a higher tier of the mission. Some missions only unlock after the player gained a certain level.

Daily missions are missions that are assigned to players on a daily basis. They are made to provide players with 75 VP should they complete the mission, and can only be completed every day once by each hero.

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