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With one year delay, the Capture the Flag Game Mode finally made it into Victory Village at 20th November 2011.

Gameplay & RulesEdit

Battlefield Heroes - Capture The Flag

Battlefield Heroes - Capture The Flag

CTF trailer

Each team has one flag placed on the map, which a player of the opposing team can pick up by touching it. By taking the enemy flag to his own team's base and placing it at his own teams flag, the team scores a capture point. With three captures a team wins.

The enemy flag can not be placed at your teams own base, if they carry your teams flag. If the flag-carrier is killed, a flag timer will start. Once it reaches 0, the flag will return to its base. If the flag is picked up before the timer runs out, the flag timer is reset. The speed by which the flag timer decreases can be influenced by the team owning the flag. The more player standing near the flag, the faster the timer will reach 0. However a maximum of 4 player can influence the timer at a time.

Capture the Flag Win

First team to secure 3 flags wins.

In case both flags are being carried by the other team, a second timer will start to avoid a stalemate. If none of flags have been captured before the stalemate timer runs out, both flags will return to their respective base. The stalemate timer is map specific, but is per default set to 180 seconds. Should a flag-carrier drop the flag during a stalemate, either by dying or entering a vehicle, the stalemate timer is paused. If the flag is picked up by another team member, the timer will continue, but if the flag returns to its base before it's picked up, the timer will be reset.

Additionally, a 15 minute timer is in place. Once it expires, the team with the most flag captures wins, or in the case that both teams had an equal number of captures, the team that first saved a flag wins. In case of 0-0, Nationals win by default!


  • 2 Valor Point Small awarded to team that drops off enemy flag
  • 1 Valor Point Small awarded to team that wins by capturing all flags
  • 300 Experience Points awarded to player that places flag at the drop-off point
  • 100 Experience Points awarded to player that picks up the flag



Capture the Flag CC

Capture the Flag CC

First playtest of CtF on the PTE

  • Capture the Flag was available to play on Coastal Clash and Seaside Skirmish during the PTE tests. The time limit has been 10:00 and the first team to score three captures won the round.
  • From Version 1.72 on vehicles weren't able to drive close to the flags because of obstacles any more, it's called dynamic defences concept. Stalemate situations now are prevented by auto flag return if it's held too long. Furthermore graphical and sound updates were included.