Santa Suits Highlight

Santa and Niklaus were coming to town Christmas 2010. Each one tried to hand out more surprise presents on the battlefield, turning it to a winter mine field. They returned Christmas 2011 and 2012 as expected.



Santa's Holiday Set
Image Name Slot
1060.png Kringle's Helpful Red Hat Head
1325.png Santa's Holiday Beard Face
1326.png Santa's Holiday Jacket Chest
1329.png Santa's Holiday Gloves Hands
1327.png Santa's Holiday Pants Legs
1328.png Santa's Holiday Boots Feet
2172.png Santa's Surprise Widget



Niklaus's Holiday Set
Image Name Slot
1062.png Festive Red Holiday Cap Head
1324.png Nikolau's Wintry Beard Face
1320.png Nikolaus' Wintry Jacket Chest
1323.png Nikolaus' Wintry Gloves Hands
1321.png Nikolaus' Wintry Pants Legs
1322.png Nikolaus' Wintry Boots Feet
2171.png Nikolaus' Surprise Widget


Bundle was released during the Winter 2010. The hats were released already one year earlier and came back in these bundle only. That's why there were also bundles without hats for the people who had them already.



  • For Charity BF:Heroes would be donating 1 $ per Santa or Nikolaus bundle sold (approximately 10% of the bundle value). If more than 8000$ was reached, another 8000$ would be put on top!