Paratroopers Highlight

Released on 10th September 2009, but had no special reason or real life reference. The very causal apperance categorizes it to the less successfull outfits, the full bundles returned as Deal of the Day from time to time, but never got a well promoted rerelease like Ninjas or Pirate.


Royal Paratrooper Set
Image Name Slot
1014.png Royal Paratrooper's Hat Head
1013.png Royal Paratrooper's Jacket Chest
1015.png Royal Paratrooper's Pants Legs
1012.png Royal Paratrooper's Boots Feet
1016.png Royal Paratrooper's Parachute Accessory


National Paratrooper Set
Image Name Slot
1019.png National Paratrooper's Cap Head
1018.png National Paratrooper's Jacket Chest
1020.png National Paratrooper's Pants Legs
1017.png National Paratrooper's Boots Feet
1021.png National Paratrooper's Chute Accessory


These sets are actually the second modern warfare clothing after the community voice got louder for them. Since BF:P4F was announced many players revised their opinion and either joined the BF:P4F Closed Beta or made demands on return to the wacky Heroes style.