Closed Beta Karate Pirate

These are the suits going along with the BFH Store Opening


Broken Bundle

Martial Arts Outfit
Image Name Slot
76.png Sharky's Red Headband Head
516.png Ninja Headwrap Head
398.png Karate Gi Chest
202.png Buster Ben's Hand Wraps Hands
397.png Karate Trousers Legs
514.png Nigel's Ninja Shoes Feet
521.png Mel The Monkey Accessory


Neither image no bundle link available.

Pirate Outfit
Image Name Slot
184.png Pirate Hat Head
239.png Eye Patch Face
483.png Open Black Leather Jacket Chest
512.png Pirate Capri Trousers Legs
178.png Pirate's Peg Leg Feet
247.png Pirate Boots Feet
362.png Patton the Parrot Accessory


  • The Pirate's Peg Leg was re-released as the 24th door Christmas 2010.
  • The first time the pets were soled outside of the Closed Beta via Widget Supply Drops, plently of CB players complained about their special being available again as they presumed it would stay reserved for them forever.
  • Pirate Boots, Pirate's Peg Leg, Pirate Hat and Patton the Parrot are part of the Treasure Chest.
  • The sets are likely inspired by the memetic internet argument about pirates vs. ninjas.