This bundle was first released during the Winter Armistice 2009. Cecil and Chester represented the first heroes honored with Super and Uber Weapons. It was re-released as the 15th door during Christmas 2010.

Furthermore this bundle was DotD on August 24th 2011.



Honor Guard Set
Image Name Slot
1064.png Honor Guard's Hat Head
1065.png Honor Guard's Jacket Chest
1067.png Honor Guard's Gloves Hands
1069.png Honor Guard's Pants Legs
1070.png Honor Guard's Shoes Feet
1068.png Honor Guard's Sword Waist



Honor Protector Set
Image Name Slot
1071.png Honor Protector's Helmet Head
1072.png Honor Protector's Jacket Chest
1074.png Honor Protector's Gloves Hands
1076.png Honor Protector's Pants Legs
1077.png Honor Protector's Boots Feet
1075.png Honor Protector's Sword Waist


  • The template for this set may have been the clothing during the civil war. Other real life connections aren't known yet.