Teutonic Tourist and Royal Rancer

These two sets were the first complete Bundles ever since, but sold separately as the web store hasen't been existing at that point in Closed Beta. Their re-release on the real game was at the beginning of September 2010 right before the implementation of Alpine Assault on September 8th.



Royal Rancher Set
Image Name Slot Royal Rancher Hat Head Churchill's Chew Face
399.png Royal Rancher Suit Jacket Chest
400.png Royal Rancher Suit Trousers Legs
916.png Royal Rancher Leather Shoes Feet



Teutonic Tourist Set
Image Name Slot
544.png Teutonic Tourist Sun Cap Head
494.png Golden Sunglasses Face
475.png Teutonic Tourist Flower Shirt Body
476.png Teutonic Tourist Shorts Legs
507.png Teutonic Tourist White Shoes Legs


  • Churchill's Chew and Golden Sunglasses weren't in the orginal bundles back in Closed Beta.