23th August 2013, Hip-Hoppers are in da House nao. They are ready to win the war, beating Royals or Nationals, moving to car, blasting and burning them. The war is going on, and they are ready to make a blast.

These sets were not sold as bundles, but were only available through Supply Drops



MC Ferocious' Set
Image Name Slot
10298.png MC Ferocious' Jacket Chest
10299.png MC Ferocious' Sweater Chest
10300.png MC Ferocious' Pants Legs
10301.png MC Ferocious' Glasses Face
10302.png MC Ferocious' Headphones Neck
10303.png MC Ferocious' Hat Head
10304.png MC Ferocious' Hairstyle Head
10305.png MC Ferocious' Trainers Feet
10306.png MC Ferocious' Wreckin' Chain Accessory
10316.png MC Ferocious' Gloves Hands
10317.png Royal Bling Accessory



Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Set
Image Name Slot
10307.png Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Jacket Chest
10308.png Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Sweater Chest
10309.png Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Pants Legs
10310.png Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Goatee Face
10311.png Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Rings Hands
10312.png Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Cap Head
10313.png Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Hairdo Head
10314.png Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Trainers Feet
10315.png Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Breakin' Chainz Accessory
10318.png National Bling Accessory


  • The getto blasters shown in the background image aren't available as items but as emotes.
  • One of the graffiti in the background reads "Frantic wuz here", probably referring to FranticXXX, the current assistant store manager at EAsy.
    • It's also reference to famous paintings from WWII, with words: Kilroy was here.
  • Mic Mastah Icebreaker's Sweater was accidentally put into claw one day before it's release.