Ghost OPS Highlight

They are used to promote Call of Duty:Black Ops beside giving Heroes some new clothing. It defines the end of modern warfare clothing.



VC Hunter Set
Image Name Slot
1301.png VC Hunter's Headband Head
1307.png VC Hunter's Earpiece Face
1302.png VC Hunter's Shirt Body
1303.png VC Hunter's Vest Chest
1304.png VC Hunter's Gloves Hands
1306.png VC Hunter's Pants Legs
1305.png VC Hunter's Boots Feet
1299.png VC Hunter's Harness Accessory
1300.png VC Hunter's Canteen Waist



GOS Dark Ops Set
Image Name Slot
1291.png GOS Dark Ops Night-Vision Goggles Face
1292.png GOS Dark Ops Shirt Chest
1294.png GOS Dark Ops Gloves Hands
1295.png GOS Dark Ops Pants Legs
1296.png GOS Dark Ops Boots Feet
1297.png GOS Dark Ops Harness Accessory
1298.png GOS Dark Ops Belt Waist


  • Since the whole set is a reference to Black Ops, the VC in the VC Hunter set actually stands for 'VietCong". VC is the name used by the soldiers in COD: Black Ops when fighting against Vietcong.