Black Knight and Templar

The Crusader or also named old Knight outfits were one of the first battlefunds special outfit that has appeared on sale twice for heroes. Once during it's release the 1st August 2009 and the second time the 23th November during the Turkey Shot Sale in the same year.

The new Knights are more armoured and fullfill the expectations of a medival knight in a similar manner.


Templar HotDeal

Image Name Slot
513.png Templar Helmet Head
401.png Templar Tabard Chest
930.png Templar Chain Leggings Legs
477.png Templar Shield Accessory
453.png Templar Broad Sword Waist


DarkKnight Hotdeal

Black Night
523.png Black Knight Helmet Head
411.png Black Knight Tabard Chest
413.png Black Knight Chain Leggings Legs
484.png Black Knight Shield Accessory
185.png Black Knight Short Sword Waist
172.png Riding Whip Accessory



Turkey Shoot Sale