Anarchism! The civil war started on 17th July 2013 and the heroes need to be dressed accordingly. Within Supply Drops the Major's uniform could be found.



Corporal North's Set
Image Name Slot
10254.png Corporal North's Cap and Hair Head
10258.png Corporal North's Cap Head
10259.png Corporal North's Hair Head
10256.png Corporal North's Jacket Chest
10255.png Corporal North's Pants Legs
10251.png Corporal North's Boots Feet
10252.png Corporal North's Backpack Accessory
10253.png Corporal North's Wargear Waist
10257.png Corporal North's Gear Waist
10260.png Corporal North's Beltbag Waist



Corporal South's Set
Image Name Slot
10276.png Corporal South's Cap and Hair Head
10280.png Corporal South's Cap Head
10281.png Corporal South's Hair Head
10278.png Corporal South's Jacket Chest
10277.png Corporal South's Pants Legs
10273.png Corporal South's Boots Feet
10274.png Corporal South's Warblanket Accessory
10279.png Corporal South's Beltbag Waist
10275.png Corporal South's Beltgear Waist
10282.png Corporal South's Bag Waist
10297.png Corporal South's Belt Waist


  • Civil war sets were suggested by AsinineMonkey[1] back in 2009 and already marked as "done" because of the Honor Suits.
  • The seperate Belt items are and were not released during the Civil War theme.



  1. Civil War Suggestion Thread