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Aristocrats were first released as Top Up gifts in January 2013, after Robots V2 were introduced. These sets were than introduced as Premium Store exclusives at the same time Premium Store got released.


Blue Blood's Set
Image Name Slot
622.png Blue Blood's Fez Head
623.png Blue Blood's Sideburns Head
624.png Blue Blood's Pipe Face
625.png Blue Blood's Luxury Jacket Chest
626.png Blue Blood's Signet Ring Hands
627.png Blue Blood's Pants Legs
628.png Blue Blood's Cravat Neck
629.png Blue Blood's Shoes Feet
657.png Blue Blood's Wig Hat Head


Upper Cruster's Set
Image Name Slot
630.png Upper Cruster's Top Hat Head
631.png Upper Cruster's Coiffure Head
633.png Upper Cruster's Facial Features Face
634.png Upper Cruster's Cigarette Face
636.png Upper Cruster's Dress Jacket Chest
637.png Upper Cruster's Shirt Body
638.png Upper Cruster's Trousers Legs
639.png Upper Cruster's Shoes Feet
641.png Upper Cruster's Precaution Hands


  • Both orignal Top-Up gifts and premium bundles include Blue Blood's Decoration and Medal of Heroicness as Accesories. These items were medals each resembling a known medal:
    • Medal of Heroicness resembles Iron Cross award
    • Blue Blood's Decoration resembles African Service medal
  • Upper Cruster's Top Hat and Cigarette and Blue Blood's Fez and Sideburns were only available for a short while in Treasure Chests