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They are additional sets of Cobb and Eks released on 22nd August 2012.

After being expelled from the RBPI for a job gone wrong, Sam has decided to take matters into his own hands. Jimmy's trip from rags to riches involved stealing weapons from the RBPI and selling them to the NBPI. So far he has managed to escape the Royal enforcement agencies.

Jimmy the Bootlegger & Sam the Private Eye

Jimmy and Sam. They didn't start out on at odds with the law; a hard, mean world put them there.

Sam was a good detective once. After being framed for the murder of his one love he found himself on the wrong side of the tracks, brushed off by the RBPI. Now he rents a small office in the bad part of town, picking up tough cases that take hard legwork and maybe fist or two to get a lead. When you have information he needs, it's good policy to not make him ask twice.

Jimmy had the entire world against him. Growing up poor, he took every opportunity that came his way to get ahead. A newspaper boy on the corner of Main Street selling daily headlines in the rain, he took some risks and started running courier for the big dogs for larger bills. Now he runs his own bootlegging operation moving quality pirate rum up to the front-line troops under the cover of darkness. The risks are high but the money is good. Real good.

So grab those sets, fade into the night, and do what needs to be done to make a living out there.



Sam the Private Eye
Image Name Slot Sam's PI Tilted Fedora Head Fistfight Bandages Face Sam's Slept-in Shirt & Tie Body Sam's PI Trenchcoat Chest Sam's PI Dresspants Legs Sam's Classy Shoes Feet
Specials Sam's Suave Cut Head Shady Bandages Face McGuire's Tweed Jacket Chest Blue Bowler Head Brown Bowtie Neck Fenwick P. Wainwright Accessory Blue Pinstripe Suit Chest Henry's Foxhunting Blazer Chest Blue Pinstripe Jacket Chest Sam's Slept-in Shirt Body Luigi's Lifesaver Chest White Starched Shirt Body Casual Starched Shirt Body Blue Pinstripe Vest Chest Agent's Cuffs Waist Beatin' Hands Hands Cochese Face Dark Grey Tie Neck Blue Starched Shirt Body Crimestopping Gear Waist Midnight Bowtie Neck Barry's Blue Tie Neck Sam's Shoulder Holster Accessory Blue Striped Tie Neck Royal BPI Hat Head



Jimmy the Bootlegger
Image Name Slot Jimmy's Tilted Bowler Head Beige "Business" Starched Shirt Body Burgundy Tie Neck Burgundy Pinstriped Vest Chest Jimmy's Shoulder Holsters Accessory Burgundy Pinstriped Suit Pants Legs Brown Classy Dress Shoes Feet
Specials Jimmy's Slicked Hair Head Franky's Fly Fedora Head Putin's Poorboy Cap Head Tony's Teal Bowler Head Tony's Teal Bow Tie Neck Burgundy Pinned Tie Neck Pink Dress Shirt Body


Battlefield Heroes - Hardboiled Heroes

Battlefield Heroes - Hardboiled Heroes

  • The title "EASY presents - A shot in the night" refers to the game studio EAsy.


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