Buccaneer Bay (BB) is one of the first three maps available in the closed beta. It features an abandoned shipwreck, a small town and a large beach. The National Army starts off at the mansion while the Royals start off at farm. The majority of the fighting takes place in between the ship and town, as these are the two central flag points of the map.


BB Overview

Check out this tactical map to give a quick reference to the general area of a flag, where you were last, or where everyone should be next.

Planning our your next round? Organizing your clan strategy? Take a look the Conquest guide to ensure the control of the 4 capture points:

  • Farm
  • Town
  • Ship
  • Mansion

Initial phaseEdit


Depending on your spawn location at Farm you have the following options. You spawn near the plane, so take it! Wait for one or two more teammates and start your trip towards village. As soon as the national plane appears at the horizon, shoot it down as fast as possible. Be sure to reach village, so your team can paradrop and capture the control point. If you got damaged too much or are in bad trouble with the opposing plane, just give it up and exit over town right next to your mates.

If you got the tank at the beginning, drive straight forward to ship. You're well advised to take the way through C6, the way left around is longer. Soon you'll spot the enemy tank coming around the corner from the bridge at mansion. You can already start shooting in this direction even if the tank isn't visible yet. If lucky he'll drive into the shot within the next milliseconds. First strike lets win you a 1:1 tank fight unless you face a Gunner, miss a shot or got disadvantage through the enemy use of Wrenches. In case you won take the ship, otherwise hope for your opponents mercy.

In case you neither used the tank or plane, don't drive back to the royal backbase. The loss of time can't be compensated with another vehicle! Take your Jeep and make your way to the town as fast as possible. It's the key point in later course, so be sure you don't loose it.


A good national player already would have read the whole royal section, so there's no need to repeat the overlapping aspects.

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V2 VengeanceEdit

Buccaneer Bay - Heroes of the Hill - Full Round

Buccaneer Bay - Heroes of the Hill - Full Round

Has been availabe in the map rotation for about two weeks after Coastal Clash HotH came out. This was most likely added on accident like Riverside Rush HotH. Still no answers when it will come out regulary.

One rocket was placed at town, it's basement overlapped with the sandbags surrounding it. The rocket between ship and town has been set in the middle of nowhere. No cover and accessable for any vehicles, such as Tanks.

Capture the FlagEdit

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From Version 1.76 on Buccaneer Bay Day has a Capture the Flag game mode.

Somewhere along Version 1.80, Buccaneer Bay Night also received a Capture the Flag conversion. It doesn't appear to be any different than the Day version in terms of gameplay.

Notable SpotsEdit

National Plane Front View

Mansion CliffsEdit

There are two sets of cliffs behind the National mansion point, of which only one can be reached by convental means. The other, and better among them, requires a plane. Both of these points are extremely good and are most used by Royals.

Royal Base CliffsEdit

This is an entire row of cliffs that can be reached by plane and used for Dead-Zone sniping or, in some spots, cliff-edge sniping.

Mansion-Town CliffsEdit

Located between the Mansion and Town, there are two cliff-top points here is highly popular with all snipers. They can both be reached by double-jump routes or Troop Traps. These both give a great view of the two major flag zones. There is relatively good cover. But another sniper from either of the two spawns can pick you off easily.

Shipwreck CliffEdit

This is probably the most popular sniper spot for both Royals and Nationals. There are actually two sets of peaks, the first being flater with better view while the second having more cover. Both can be reached by double-jumping and Troop Traps. These pair of cliffs parallel the Mansion-Town Cliffs and give the same view, but from the other side of the map.

Waterfall CliffEdit

This spot is hard to snipe from, but also hard to be sniped off of. It is possible to reach this point either by plane or Troop Trap jumping. Most of the cliff is out of bounds, but you can stay alive near the edge on the far right. If you prefer the left side, you can land a plane on your favorite part of the cliff and simply hop on one of the wings to stay out of bounds without being punished. If a sniper attempts to shoot you, you don't have much to hide behind, but due to the height of your position, they won't be able to see you if you take a few steps away from the edge.

Town CliffEdit

This spot cannot be reached by double jumping, but Troop Trap jumping or a plane will get you up with ease. This spot can be taken advantage of by snipers looking to cover their team when trying to take Town, but your view of the inside of the area is blocked by various buildings. This spot is great for sniping Farm and the Shipwreck, but can easily be reached by anyone looking to kill you. Keep in mind, this spot also serves as a para-drop point for players whose team is being overrun at their main base, so if you're camping, always keep a lookout for enemies coming from above.

Mansion Low CliffsEdit

There are a set of low cliffs on the either side of the bridge on the Mansion point side. they are sometimes used by Royal snipers when camping and can be reached by Troop Traps or double-jump routes.


  • Snipers can parachute onto the large hills or cliffs via planes. These high areas are excellent sniping spots. Almost all points on the map can can also be easily reached through back routes by those skilled in double-jumping, when stranded far from airfields these are often the best bet and don't waste planes. These are also good for soldiers or commandos wishing to put the previously mentioned snipers out of action.
  • Because of the large amount of places that are above the "normal" gameplay zone, explosive jumping can be used to great effect, allowing Gunners and Commandos to find potential nests normally out of reach. Note that there generally isn't a lot of cover, so setting up a Sniper/Machine Gun nest atop a house or perched atop a cliff has a risk factor involved, along with simply falling off.



  • It appears to take place in South- Western England.
  • 'Buccaneer' (buc·ca·neer) is another term for a pirate or adventurer.
  • A glitch causes unoccupied jeeps toward the back of the main shipwreck area to slide around on their own from time to time. Contact with a "ghost jeep" can cause your hero to die from an "accident".
  • Due to a bug, a hero will die instantly if standing at a specific point at the back of the shipwreck.

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