Boats were introduced along with Inland Invasion[1], and function as a landing craft for the attacking faction at the beginning of each round on Inland Invasion. They are so far only available on Inland Invasion and Inland Invasion Night.


Inland Invasion Shore

Boats on Inland Invasion

Boats are the initial spawn points for royals at the beginning of each round on Inland Invasion and for nationals on Inland Invasion Night. They are located a short distance of the coast on both versions of the map, so the attacking faction at each round will have to sail the short distance to the beach to engage in the battle.

Each boat can carry up to 3 players; One player is the rider while the other two are passengers.


  • The gate of the boat is opened and closed by moving the mouse up and down.
  • Boats are very slow and open, making anyone on board extremely vulnerable to attack from land.
  • Boats are the only movable spawn points in Battlefield Heroes. Using Blasting Strike, it's possible to move the boats away from the beach, to gain a much better spawn location [2].



  • The boats are based on the LCVP, used for amphibious landings during World War II.
  • Boats are the only vehicle that lack the ability to kill another player.
  • Before the Monsters update, Boats were Royals only vehicle. However, with introduction of Inland Invasion Night, Nationals and Royals switched places, causing the boat being available by both sides now.
  • Despite change of factions at Inland Invasion Night, boat model is still the same on both maps.


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