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Content PagesEdit

Structure PagesEdit

It's generally adviced to handle those pages with care as they can break up multiple pages and are often coded on a high level of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Those pages include the basic template pages as well as the site wide css and javascript pages. Of course you can customize your personal CSS display on Special:MyPage/style.css at any time without influencing any other user.

For more details on this topic, see Help:User_style.

User PagesEdit

It's free to everyone to design his own user page at will. Keep it clearly arranged and avoid offensive content.

Not allowed:

  • BF:Heroes mugshots, better leave a good visible profile link.
  • Images for the pure intention of spamming, trolling or third party advertisement. Consider if everyone would spam his profile with those pics, we'd have a big mess in the File section. Thanks for understanding.
  • Non wiki related essays about politics, religions and such.

User Talk PagesEdit

Some helpful tips:

  • Always use a new second level heading for a new topic.
  • Sign your comment with four tildes
  • For a better overview you can add colons before your paragraph to increase the indention.

Oversized talk pages:

  • Don't delete discussions! They belong to a wiki just like the casual pages.
  • Read more about archiving here.

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