Battlefield Heroes was a third person cartoon shooter, initially developed by DICE (Alpha Testing). Until its termination the game was developed and maintained by EAsy Studios, the Play4Free branch of EA. The game ended service on July 14th, 2015.


Battlefield Heroes started it's Closed Beta phase during August 2008 with a small number of testers. In February 2009 the second phase began and the number of testers started to grow from then on, until the game finally reached its Open Beta phase on June 25th 2009.[1]

Exactly when Battlefield Heroes left Open Beta remains unclear as no official announcement were made. Despite the confusion this often creates, EAsy employees has said that the game is no longer in Open Beta phase.[2]

The main approach for the game is to be based on "fun" rather than realistic settings. While the game might appear to be WWII themed, everything that is based on a "conflict" have a space into this game (aside from self-made EA promos advertising other games). The conflict can go from Pirates vs. Ninjas to Zombies vs. Skeletons and everything that can be set into this wacky Cartoon Shooter.

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New Battlefield Heroes Trailer (Extended)

New Battlefield Heroes Trailer (Extended)

Battlefield Heroes Trailer

Cause of the war

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The main objective of Battlefield Heroes is to win rounds. Depending on the game mode, winning a round involves bringing the opposing faction's tickets down to 0 (Conquest), capture and secure a rocket for x minutes (V2 Vengeance), steal and secure the opposing faction's flags (Capture the Flag) or eliminate every player in opposing faction's team (Team Elimination)



The Royal faction


The National faction

This game gives the option to create 3 different Classes, all with different Abilities, weapons and stats like running speed and total health.

The ideas behind the Classes are the classic spread of balance known between speed and endurance. While the Commando have the lowest health it has the ability to move faster, while the Gunner with its low pace, comes charged with the highest health rating. The Soldier is the balance between these 2.

Same thing applies for the weapons, the Commando uses Knives, Pistols and Sniper Rifles for their "stealthy" job on the battlefield, while the Gunner uses Machine Guns, Shotguns and Rocket Launchers to fight in the front. The Soldier meanwhile, uses a mix of both, carrying Sub-Machine Guns, Pistols and Shotguns for a big diversity of options in the battlefield.


One of the key elements in Battlefield Heroes is the Abilities. Each class has a set of unlockable abilities, which can be use to increase the heroes offence and/or defence on the battlefield. Each ability can be upgraded 5 times using Hero Points. A Hero Point is gained everytime a hero levels up to an even number, equalling a maximum of 16 Hero Points from level 1 to 30 (all heroes starts with 1 Hero Point).


The game is played on different maps, usually categorised as either infantry or vehicle maps. All maps are bounded by a dead space area. Both factions have a initial spawn point placed at opposite sides of the maps. Placed on the maps are special capture points (flags or rockets), which the player has to capture and secure. Night and winter versions of some of the maps has been released.

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  • During very early development Battlefield Heroes went under the codename "Battlefield West"[3]



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