Image Name Comment
36.png Common Gunner Trousers (Level 1 Gunner) Default
936.png Common Soldier Trousers (Level 1 Soldier) Default
5.png Common Commando Trousers (Level 1 Commando) Default
28.png Sturdy Green Trousers (Level 16 Soldier) Unknown
37.png Infantryman's Breeches Unknown
38.png Veteran's Trousers Released
39.png Bartholomew's Bog Breeches (Level 5) Unknown
44.png Heavy Combat Trousers (Level 16 Gunner) Unknown
45.png Paratrooper's Trousers Released
100.png Underwear Unreleased
146.png Brown Patched Light Trousers Unknown
189.png Brown Work Trousers (Level 16 Gunner) Unknown
217.png Yellow Trousers Unknown
218.png Brown Trousers Unknown
226.png Blue Trousers Released
227.png Clown Trousers Unknown
228.png Brown Kneecap Trousers (Level 16 Gunner) Unknown
229.png Yellow Line Blue Trousers Unknown
233.png Heavy Leather Trousers (Level 16 Gunner) Unknown
234.png Green Light Trousers (Level 16 Commando) Unknown
244.png Red Kilt Released
245.png Blue Kilt Released
246.png Kilt of the Brave Heart Released
255.png Dark Brown Trousers Unknown
312.png Gunner's Camouflaged Trousers Released
313.png Captain's Heavy Trousers Unknown
314.png Navy Officer's Trousers (Level 16 Soldier) Unknown
315.png Commando's Green Trousers (Level 16 Commando) Unknown
316.png Commando's Field Unit Trousers (Level 16 Commando) Unknown
317.png Staff Officer's Trousers Unknown
318.png Elite Commando Trousers Released
330.png Sailor's Trousers Released
331.png Yellow Sports Trousers Released
332.png Mechanic's Green Trousers Unknown
341.png Khaki Desert Trousers (Level 16 Soldier) Unknown
361.png Soldier's Plain Brown Trousers (Level 16) Unknown
370.png Large Blue Trousers Unknown
394.png Virgil's Vigilante Legs Released
397.png Karate Trousers Unknown
421.png John's Long Underwear Unknown
429.png Paul's Player Pants Unknown
432.png Jeff's Justice Spandex Unknown
465.png Jocke's Loose Fit Jeans Unknown
533.png Comfy White Trousers Unknown
568.png Cameron's Camouflaged Chinos (Level 5) Unknown
1000.png Naked Legs Released
Image Name Comment
73.png Common Gunner Trousers (Level 1 Gunner) Default
980.png Common Soldier Trousers (Level 1 Soldier) Default
981.png Common Commando Trousers (Level 1 Commando) Default
11.png Simple Tucked-in Trousers (Level 16 Soldier) Unknown
35.png Dortmund's Dirty Denims Unknown
43.png Elite Trousers Released
71.png Rugged Brown Trousers Unknown
72.png Berndt's Baroque Breeches Unknown
74.png Fine Gray Trousers Unknown
75.png Claus' Camouflaged Chinos (Level 5) Unknown
186.png Blue Jeans Unknown
211.png White Trousers Unknown
219.png Brown Patched Trousers Unknown
147.png Commando's Light Trousers (Commando Level 16) Unknown
220.png Brown Heavy Trousers (Gunner Level 16) Unknown
221.png Blue Heavy Jeans (Gunner Level 16) Unknown
224.png Red Line Riding Trousers Unknown
225.png Fancy Riding Trousers Released
230.png White Summer Pants Released
42.png Unknown Unreleased
222.png Corbin's Cord Pants National Unknown
223.png Unknown Unreleased
231.png Brown Reinforced Trousers Unknown
240.png Wide Trousers Unknown
319.png Regular Blue Trousers (Level 5) Unknown
320.png Regular Purple Trousers (Level 5) Unknown
321.png Regular Green Trousers (Level 5) Unknown
336.png Soldier's Brown Uniform Trousers (Level 16 Soldier) Unknown
337.png Gray Heavy Trousers (Level 16 Gunner) Unknown
338.png Secret Police Trousers (Level 16 Commando) Unknown
346.png Soldier's Gray Uniform Trousers (Level 16 Soldier) Unknown
347.png Dispatch's Tucked -in Trousers Unknown
348.png Special Forces Trousers Unknown
349.png Camouflaged Heavy Trousers (Level 16 Gunner) Unknown
350.png Commando's Dark Trousers Unknown
351.png Stalker's Dusk Trousers Unknown
355.png Stalker's Dusk Trousers Unknown
356.png Aviator's Heavy Trousers Unknown
357.png Sky Captain's Light Leather Trousers (Level 16 Commando) Unknown
364.png Sailor's Tucked-in Trousers Unknown
412.png Deckhand Capri Trousers Unknown
591.png Green Riding Trousers Unknown
993.png Reinhart's Rainpants Unknown
1001.png Naked Legs Released