Image Name Comment
61.png Heavy Infantry Helmet Released
560.png Camouflaged Helmet Released
987.png Green Infantry Helmet Released
6.png Brown Infantry Helmet Released
110.png Brown Cap Released
302.png Commando's Green Cap Released
326.png 1943 Pacific Ace Hat Promo
1439.png Royal Party Hat 2nd Anniversary
403.png Kris's Crooked Halo Temp
1091.png Frosty Top Hat Released/Rare
988.png Stylish Stetson DotD
60.png Oggle's Goggle Helmet Released
305.png Captain's Hat Released
203.png Royal Trooper Hat Released
519.png Brown Bag of Shame Released
192.png Adventurer's Hat Released
520.png Diver Bell Helmet Released
191.png Terry's Fury Released
580.png Royal Trucker Hat Released
581.png Red Trucker Hat Unreleased
582.png Green Trucker Hat Unreleased
583.png Camo Trucker Hat Released
138.png Royal Commando Cover Released
527.png Bullseye Heavy Helmet Released
167.png Caddy Cap Released
303.png Gunner's Camo Helmet Released
449.png Bullseye Cap Released
306.png Anchor's Head Fancy Hat Released
307.png Maggard's Knit Cap Released
62.png Boyd's Bandanna Unreleased
466.png White Doo Rag Released
467.png Red Doo Rag Released
468.png Black Doo Rag Released
469.png Blue Doo Rag Released
391.png Speedy Driver's Helmet Released
425.png Willy's White Cap Released
426.png Carl's Crimson Cap Released
90.png Spadille's Helmet Unreleased
97.png Lucky's Helmet Unknown
138.png Royal Commando Cover Released
166.png Royal Dress Hat Released
404.png Linkins Night Cap Released
254.png Tank Tough Webbed Helmet Unknown
327.png Sailor Hat Released
339.png Hemmingday's Hunting Hat Released
375.png Terry's Terrible Turban Unknown
376.png Boyd's Bowler Hat Released
379.png Solid Headband Unknown
396.png Virgil's Vigilante Cap Released
404.png Linkin's Night Cap Released
431.png Bad Boy Cap Rare
493.png Tweed Sluthing Hat Released
526.png Battle Worn Royal Helmet Unknown
527.png Bullseye Heavy Helmet Released
528.png Flynt's Crime Fighting Mask Rare
567.png Gil's Gallon Hat Unknown
1828.png El Hermosos Hat Rare
1830.png Brown Bowler Unknown
1892.png El DEV Royal Developer
Image Name Comment
145.png Common Infantry Helmet Released
155.png Gunner's Helmet Released
12.png Soldier's Steel Helmet Released
165.png Polished Helmet Released
66.png Brown Navy Cap Released
92.png Gray Navy Cap Released
359.png 1943 Zero Vision Hat Promo
1440.png National Party Hat 2nd Anniversary
436.png Darius' Devil Horns Rare
170.png Kertz's Classy Hat Released
171.png Suave Style Hat Released
67.png Tank Driver's Goggle Helmet Released
360.png Sky Officer's Hat Released
205.png National Trooper Hat Released
524.png Peak's Boo Bag Released
215.png Black Sombrero Released
522.png Dagmar's Diving Helmet Released
596.png Bernd's Blue Cap Released
592.png Roger Jolly Released
543.png Kill-Count Hat Released
363.png Sailor's Cap Released
68.png Fine Driver's Cap Unreleased
137.png Tank Commander's Topper Released
193.png Stout Sailor's Knit Cap Released
335.png Secret Police Cap Released
352.png Special Forces Cap Released
353.png Drago's Desert Cap Released
358.png Fisherman's Hat Released
435.png Ferdinand's Fancy Fez Released
458.png Werner's Weird Wizard Hat Released
508.png Karl's Kill Countin' Helmet Unknown
541.png Skull Helmet Released
543.png Kill-Count Hat Released
598.png Victor's Visor Released
1037.png Black Hood Unknown
1817.png El Sombrero Loco Unknown
1818.png Leather Flat-Top Unknown
1822.png El DEV Nacional Developer


Image Name Comment
1543.png Agent's Balaclava Rare
1544.png Tiger Stealth Rare
1545.png Cowboy's Incognito Rare
1546.png Vick's Victory Balaclava Rare
1547.png Skier's Gingerbread Mask Temporary
1548.png Royal Chameleon Mask Rare
Image Name Comment
1549.png National Adaptive Mask Rare
1550.png Panda's Obscure Temporary
1551.png Per's Perilous Balaclava Rare
1552.png Robber's Gingerbread Mask Temporary
1553.png Covert Cheetah Rare
1554.png Spy's Balaclava Rare


Image Name Comment
1061.png Prancin' Holiday Horns Temp
1060.png Kringle's Helpful Red Hat Temp
1078.png Kringle's Helpful Green Hat Temp
1079.png Kringle's Helpful Brown Hat Temp
1080.png Kringle's Helpful Tan Hat Temp
1555.png Cain's Candy Cane Rare
1531.png Lumber Mill Fur Hat Released
1541.png Earle's Earmuffs Rare
Image Name Comment
1063.png Blitzin' Holiday Horns Temp
1062.png Festive Red Holiday Cap Temp
1087.png Festive Green Holiday Cap Temp
1088.png Festive Brown Holiday Cap Temp
1330.png Unknown Released
1532.png Alpine Ushanka Released
1542.png Earnest's Earcaps Rare

Dino Heads

Image Name Comment
1470.png T-Rex Dino Mode Released
1691.png Distinguished Dino Rare

Distinguished Dino and Eccentric Bronto were added in Version 1.73 to the files as reaction to the popularity of the Sauropod Dino Mode. From 29th February 2012 on 500 of those dino heads were offered per faction for purchase for 80.000 Funds!!!! Another 45 loyal players got them for free. Please note the pipes in their mouths, that makes the original bronto head still unique.

Image Name Comment
1483.png Raptor Dino Mode Released
1582.png Eccentric Bronto Rare
1473.png Sauropod Dino Mode
Owned by:
Extremely Rare
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