The IDs 56 for national and 29 for royals are listed as default body clothing in the files. They are the standard, naked body and mixing them up leads nationals having a royal shape. This happened for example when the data server was bugged and allowed to get additional heroes over the 10 mark limit.

General Edit

Image Name Comment
838.png Royal Warfighter Shirt Promo
733.png Heroes Target Shirt Released
262.png Royal Hi-Bye Shirt Released
98.png Royal Camouflage Paint Released
270.png Stupid Shirt Released
998.png Naked Body Released
269.png Striped Shirt Released
266.png Ace of Spades Shirt Rare
10185.png Royal Enlistment Shirt
Image Name Comment
839.png National Warfighter Shirt Promo
732.png Heroes Target Shirt Released
289.png National Hi-Bye Shirt Released
91.png National Camouflage Paint Released
297.png Stupid Shirt Released
999.png Naked Body Released
296.png Striped Shirt Released
497.png Skull Arm Tattoo Released
300.png Werner's Wolf Shirt Released
299.png National Team Shirt Released
294.png Stefan's Skull Shirt Released
290.png Blue Team Shirt Released
498.png Ice & Fire Released
536.png Dancing Dragons Released
539.png Dangerous Dragon Released
503.png Friedrich's Halloween Shirt Temporary
288.png X-Hazard T-shirt
Was shortly available due a P4F code exploit
10184.png National Enlistment Shirt



Rental Server ShirtsEdit