Image Name Comment
57.png Always Ready Box Accessories Released
58.png Grenade Belt Released
59.png Stan's Stabbe Released
88.png All in Some Utility Bags Unreleased
144.png Brown Backpack Released
149.png Royal Ammo Belt Released
480.png Kit's Quiver Released
1142.png Dusty Harry's Holster Rare
180.png Utility Rope Unknown
1144.png Cope's Furious Bat Unknown
1146.png Bruno's Binoculars Unknown
Image Name Comment
63.png Elite Pockets Unknown
64.png Grenade Belt Released
65.png Carl's Cutter Unknown
89.png Kit's Kaboodle Unknown
118.png Black Backpack Unknown
148.png National Ammo Belt Released
485.png Quick Quentin's Quiver Released
1143.png Davey Hoffe's Holster Rare
175.png Sasha's Sash Unknown


Image Name Comment
521.png Mel The Monkey Rare
1002.png Eddy The Eagle Released
1124.png Snapping Turtle
This pet is inspired by the Spore Creature “Alligator Snapping Turtle” by player “Nuumamonja"
1375.png Royal Peacock
Will never be reduced in price
Never to be sold again
1529.png Günter the Gnome Rare
1581.png Carlos the Cucaracha Rare
973.png Drayseen the Dragon Rare
Image Name Comment
362.png Patton the Parrot Rare
1003.png Kim The Cobra Released
1123.png Emperor Scorpion
This pet is inspired by the Spore Creature “Emperor Scorpion” by player “Puglin”
1376.png National Peacock
Will never be reduced in price
Never to be sold again
1530.png O'Leary the Leprechaun Rare
1583.png Lorenz the Lizard Rare
974.png Godor the Dragon Rare


Image Name Comment
450.png Royal Heroic Beta Medals Rare
1223.png Gold Football Medal Rare
1224.png Silver Football Medal Rare
1225.png Bronze Football Medal Rare
1394.png Royal BFP4F Beta Medal Rare
Image Name Comment
459.png National Heroic Beta Medals Rare
1226.png Gold Football Medal Rare
1227.png Silver Football Medal Rare
1228.png Bronze Football Medal Rare
1395.png National BFP4F Beta Medal Rare