Anti-Air Guns, commonly abbreviated as "AA guns", are stationary emplacements found on all maps featuring Planes.

They are very effective against planes and can quickly deal out very high damage. They also preform a reasonable job against Tanks and Jeeps if their arc of fire allows it, although TNT and rocket launchers are much more effective.

Anti-Air guns are very weak against infantry, and most often, they can't aim low enough to hit them. Against infantry, they only do 1 or 2 damage per shot, although they can send them up a few feet causing their aiming to be terrible...

Anti-Air guns are 'vehicles', in the sense that a player must enter and operate the gun from a driver's seat, but the gun cannot move from its stationary position. They are heavily armored, with 250 HP and heavy resistance to most conventional weapons; even the armor-piercing Sniper Rifles are only capable of inflicting 1 damage per round but be careful since vehicles like tanks and planes can hurt you inside it, since it's only armored heavily on one side.

Hints Edit

  • People who are manning Anti-Aircraft guns are easy kills for Commandos with Knives.
  • If you are a Commando, you can place a Troop Trap behind the AA gun to prevent you or an ally AA gunner from getting knifed by an enemy commando.



  • The gun is modelled after the Flak 38 cannon.
  • Apart from the standard knife, the AA gun is the only weapon that has the exact same appearance and performance in both Factions.
  • Whilst AA guns may be considered a vehicle it's not listed in vehicles on player's profiles.
  • Despite not being considered vehicles, there are missions for the AA gun that are unlocked once you reach a certain level.