Alpine Assault is the 8th Battlefield Heroes map. Alpine Assault is a vehicle map with a stream running through the center of the map, with a watermill that is the prime objective for both teams. It was the first Conquest map with a backbase protection.


AA Overview

Check out this tactical map to give a quick reference to the general area of a flag, where you were last, or where everyone should be next.

Planning our your next round? Organizing your clan strategy? Take a look the Conquest guide to ensure the control of the 4 capture points:

  • Lumber yard
  • Watermill
  • Wood camp
  • High Cliff

Both teams spawn at their backbases with one Tank and some Jeeps.

Initial phaseEdit


The tank gives huge advantage especially in this early stage. He should drive beside the brook directly down to the watermill and start capturing the flag. Prepare for the incoming national tank from the high cliff and keep an eye up the ladder if some infantry approaches. Don't try to capture wood camp with a tank, you won't get even close to it (Anti tank obstacles prevent tanks from traversing into the capture point).

The others should share two jeeps and take lumber yard. After that continue your way straight to wood camp. One group exits, captures the flag and support the tank at watermill afterwards. The others hold against the incoming nationals coming from high cliff and defend the wood camp. If the nats are so slow that you can reach the cliffs before the flag is fully captured, take that chance.


The tank way from the national backbase to watermill is much longer than for the royals, you either trust on their failture to hold watermill or use an alternative tank tactic. A successfull one is to follow the road after high cliffs right through the middle of watermill and wood camp, shoot the royal jeeps which made the mistake to cross your way and continue to their origin at lumber yard. Otherwise you search now search for the royal tank which might hide down the brook.

If you missed the drive the tank, hop in a jeep and race to high cliffs. From there you have to decide between upper watermill or wood camp. Be sure to stick in a group, this makes life much easier from now on. It's harder to take wood camp in a later stage, so this might be the better choice.

Taking WatermillEdit

Alpine assault

Well the capture range of watermill is so big, a single stealthed Commando easily can get it by his own, if he hides behind the crate pile or under the water wheel. As Gunner or Soldier you always must prepare for an opponent coming around a corner, so keep moving.

Taking Wood CampEdit

You can try to hide beside the stones, but this will be discovered quite fast. Be careful with your steps, this is a common place for Troop Traps. It's much easier with a team, because the flag capture time reduces drastically. If you reach the top of the hill on your right, you're still within the flag capture range and have the chance to surprise returning enemies from above.

Defending Lumer YardEdit

A very dirty thing, there so many fences, hills and tree trunks to hide that enemies don't need to be Commandos to stay undetected for a long time. The whole area can be infiltrated, before they mind taking the flag. The best is to spam explosives and inspect every stone before you go offensive again.

Defending High CliffEdit

Easy job, an open area and good cover for your own. While standing between one of the stone gatherings you have several ways to attack, but nearly none can reach you. Keep an eye on the house backside, it's the only way to capture high cliff with a minimum of cover.

V2 VengeanceEdit

Latest map conversion to AA day on 15th February 2012. It has been spoiled with the words "Minto Mill", but everyone guessed it will be a complete new map.

Notable SpotsEdit

Watermill balconyEdit

From this point you can capture the flag when standing directly behind the water wheel. If you already saved the Watermill you can shoot easily enemies coming down or standing in front of the wood camp. You can cover behind the crates placed on the wood bridge.

Very high cliffsEdit

At the high cliff flag you can reach even higher area across from the house via Explosive Jumps. Over there tanks can't shoot at you and simplify holding the cliffs.

Water wheelEdit

The watermill flag can be captured from both locations, under and on the water wheel. You won't fall from it as the wheel is rotating visually only, it can be reached by jumping off the wooden balcony. If you hide under the wheel behind the rocks, it might be a good idea to place some Troops Traps as Commando, because opponents will search there first if the flag can't be captured.


For more details on this topic, see Alpine Assault/Strategy.



  • Alpine Assault was the last map to be released in 2010.
  • Alpine Assault was the first vehicle map to not include planes.
  • Alpine Assault also has inspiration in Buccaneer Bay. The flag placement and geographic relations between flags are similar. In both maps there are uncappable spawn bases for each side, then close to each of these is a flag that is commonly held by the faction whose "uncap" is nearest. In the center of the map there are two closely placed flags, where most of the fighting takes place, one of which is geoghraphicly higher (Town & Woodcamp) than the other (Ship & Watermill).
  • Alpine Assault was the name suggested by ::Sharp::
  • Alpine Assault seems to be inspired in Southen Canada.
  • Woodlands, the early codename of AA, was created by fusing the PTE test maps Lowlands and Fork which was dug up by some modders during early 2010.
BFH - New Map LOWLANDS (unreleased) HD

BFH - New Map LOWLANDS (unreleased) HD

The unreleased alpha map "Lowlands"

Woodlands is in fact Lowlands but very very iterated. It started out as a kind of farm-land map with rolling hills and a village and railroad, but we decided to listen to your requests and make a forest map.
After reading countless requests and evaluated surveys we did about "what kind of map do you like" it was clear that many people wanted a forest mid-range map. So Lowlands became Woodlands and voilá.

Later, it was confirmed by the Lead Gameplay Developer Colin Clarke "HATE" that both test maps were fused to create this one:

The better parts of each concept/prototype map were merged to create woodlands.


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