Abilities are an integral part to Battlefield Heroes gameplay. They assist the player in enhancing some aspect of their character. They are characterized as being often ridiculous in nature though they are key to outmaneuvering the enemy forces. They boost the players performance and are usually limited in duration, followed by a cooldown in which the ability remains inactive until the period is over. Abilities are class specific and listed below:

Gunner Banner

Hero Shield
Leg It
Explosive Keg
Frenzy Fire
I Eats Grenades

Soldier Banner

Combat Medicine
Blasting Strike
Burning Bullets
Grenade Spam
Sixth Sense

Commando Banner

Mark Target
Troop Trap
Piercing Shot
Poisoned Blade

Abilities and ProgressionEdit

One of the defining features of Battlefield Heroes that sets it apart from other Battlefield titles is it's extensive range of upgradable abilities. These abilities add an RPG element to the game and rewards diligent players. This obvious strategic advantage is offset by BFH's skill-based match-making system.

The abilities temporarily grant players various performance enhancements ranging from the capability to see through walls to shrouding them over a certain range.

Abilites increases the depth of stratergy behind gameplay more than giving the player power, as the player is matched against people with the same number of available Hero Points.

Unlocking and Upgrading AbilitiesEdit

Abilities can be increased in power by upgrading them from the main-menu on the abilities screen using their Hero Points. Upgrading is as simple as clicking on the ability's icon to increase it by one point. The maximum level attainable for an ability is level 5.

Upgrading can enhance a number of different elements of an ability. It can increase it's effectiveness, increases its duration, decrease it's cooldown period or increase it's effective range or a combination of various aspects.

At any time the player may click the reset points button to decrease all their points bar their starting ability (which is reduced to 1 point) to 0 points. The player may then respend their hero points. Abilities can only be equipped when they are at least level one. They can then be equipped into the player's equipment bar.


They are generally split into 3 main categories, with many abilities overlapping categories:

  1. Weapon enhancing and Explosives.
  1. Evasive and Inhibiting.
  2. Team assisting.

Weapon Enhancing and Explosives:Edit

Explosive keg

A Deployed Keg

Weapon enhancing abilities may increase the damage output, accuracy or give the weapon a damage over time feature. Explosives give a large damage output in a quick burst of time and are used for suprise attacks on players often being able to be manipulated out of the line of fire. These abilities are highly versatile and are useful to players of all skill levels. Examples of weapon enhancing abilities include: Burning Bullets, Poisoned Blade, Frenzy Fire and Piercing Shot. Examples of explosives include: Grenade Spam, Troop Trap and Explosive Keg.

Evasive and Inhibiting:Edit


A National Commando in Stealth

Evasive abilities grant the player a movement or health advantage, this is essential for flanking enemies, dodging fire and reaching objectives efficiently. These include: Leg It, Stealth and Elixir, Hero Shield, Combat Medicine.

Inhibiting abilities inhibit or reveal the enemies movements and actions, this makes enemies easier to hit, easier to counter and easier to escape from. These include: Blasting Strike, Explosive Keg, Sixth Sense, I Eats Grenades and Mark Target.

Team Assisting:Edit

Hero Shield

A royal gunner using Hero Shield

Though all abilities assist the player, and in due course the team, some abilities are particularly useful in providing team mates an extra boost to get them to the objective in greater strength. These abilities are often the most important abilities for the class. These include: Combat Medicine, Leg it, Hero Shield, Mark Target and Explosive Keg.